Why Kindness?

Why Kindness?


To be kind to someone is the most simple gesture you can give that has the potential to make the strongest impact on humanity. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t take immense effort. It is simply kindness. It is pure, it is beautiful, and it is powerful. You don’t have to be in any specific place in your life to start handing it out. You don’t need special training or to be highly educated. Anybody in any walk of life can start right now. Right where you are. Let your heart be calm.

Start with yourself. Be kind to the person that you are. No matter where you are in life, just remember…. you have made it this far! Celebrate being alive. Be grateful for all that you have. And if you look around at your life, and you do not like what you see, you have only one choice to make. And that is, you have to decide that you are going to change your life. You have to dig deep inside yourself and make a conscious effort to change the fabric of your being. You have designed your life up until this point, you can redesign it at any time just by deciding. And once you make that decision, don’t stop. Wake up every day and remind yourself of who you want to be. Work every day on being that person. Change isn’t easy but if you want to be better, do better, see better… then it is worth it.

So, as the saying goes: If you want to change the World, start with yourself.

Evil and hatred do not stand a chance against a World that is united in Love, stitched together by threads of kindness. Yes! We are going to change the World, but first, we are going to start with ourselves! Let’s start today by making one little change. Kindness. Simply kindness.


  • Be kind to yourself in the morning.
  • Dismiss negative self talk (it is toxic)
  • Be mindful of your thoughts. They are powerful.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. You will be surprised at how good you get at being kind.
  • Give yourself grace when you mess up. We aren’t perfect.
  • Tell yourself you are beautiful. Break down the habit of tearing yourself apart.


Remember, kindness is simple and it starts at home. It starts with you. Love yourself so you can love the World around you. Spread kindness like wildfire!

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