“Where was God?”

Good morning!!! I hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday!! We are in full-swing, back-to-school mode over here and I am loving it! Thank God for teachers that are willing to spend an entire day, five days a week with our kids!!! May their blessings be abundant!

I originally had an idea for what I wanted to write about today but on my way to work this morning, I had my heart pulled in another direction. Have you ever felt that before? A physical ache in your chest that sends vibrations up to your brain and you’re just like, I need to talk about this!!! Well, that’s the feeling I had this morning. Actually, that is the whole driving force behind this blog. I don’t pick the topics, the topics pick me. I happen to like it better that way. If it were left solely up to me…. this would surely be a disaster! So here it goes….

I’m sure there are people who have taken a peek here and thought, she can’t be serious? Does she really think it’s that easy? Does she really think she can change the World by being kind and encouraging others to be kind? If you are that person, I’d like to simply say, yes. Yes, I am crazy enough to believe that it is that simple. That one simple act of being the best version of your self and extending unsolicited kindness to a stranger who is having a bad day or sending your family off into the World with their cups filled to the brim with love and kindness from you, because you have filled your cup to the brim with love and kindness can, in fact, start a ripple of change that grows so big and so significant, it can start a tsunami. A tidal wave of change. That is what the World needs. This is the World our children will inherit from us and I intend to spend my life doing my best to make it better. And here is why I believe in what I have started and where I am going.

It all started with that tugging feeling in my heart. That feeling that whispers, “do it”, when you are too scared to move. You know, in your heart, that you need to take a step forward. That something so great is on the other side of this act of courage, you can feel it in your bones. That if you would just take a blind step of faith…. something amazing will happen. As a Christian, I believe that is God. Moving us to move others. To make a difference. To better lives. To change the course of events. To make history! I know you have all felt that feeling. I have felt it so many times. This blog was started with that feeling.

I can vividly remember a time shortly after the death of my dad. I was 19, living the glamorous life as a Starbucks barista. (Super fancy, I know!) One night, while I worked the closing shift, I sat outside on my meal break in solitude, enjoying my coffee, and resting my tired feet. A few tables over sat a group of females ranging in different ages. Two of the young women were in their late teens and the other was older, most likely a mother or an aunt to one of the girls. They were in deep discussion regarding a recent dilemma one of the young girls was dealing with. I listened unintentionally very easily as they were not far away and made no effort to try to conceal their conversation. Without knowing the full story, it was clear that the young girl was at odds with her own dad. They were upset with each other and neither seemed ready to call a truce. The older woman and the other young girl tried to convince her to reconcile the hurt between them, but she refused. The pain in my heart was sharp. It had been only months that I had lost my dad and hearing this young woman talk about her estranged relationship sent my heart into a blazing flurry of emotions. At that moment, I would have given anything to be able to talk to my dad one last time, and here sat this girl that still had her dad but was unwilling to talk to him. I wanted to walk over to her and talk to her. I wanted to tell her how precious life is. How quickly we can be robbed of our loved ones. How short our lives can be. My heart was pulling me so hard, that had it not been securely in place, I have no doubts that it would have leaped right out of my chest. That is how bad I knew that I needed to talk to her.

My heart raced as I sat there and tried to find the courage to get my feet to move. My mind and my heart at war. One saying, “stay out of it, it’s none of your business!” the other saying, “move!!! She needs to hear your story!” I got out of my seat, unsure of my destination. Would I walk toward her and tell her what she needed to hear or would I walk back inside and finish my shift? As I slowly began to approach her table, fear took over and I passed the group of women without saying one single word. Even as I returned to work, for the rest of the evening, I could not stop thinking about it. The regret was very real. So real that 14 years later, I still think about it often. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t constantly beat myself up over it, but I do recognize that I ignored a tug on my heart that I believe could have made a difference. But I didn’t listen. And this has got me thinking…. how often does that happen? How often do we ignore that pull on our hearts?

There’s a question that often is asked from non-believers. If God is real, and God is a loving God, why do so many bad things happen? Why does God allow the bad things to happen to good people? I believe there are many good answers as to why bad things happen to good people, and I do not intend on getting into all of them at this time. However, I do have a theory on why some things happen, seemingly, without any intervention from God. As so many will often say, “where was God?!”

My answer? He was in the hearts of his children, urging them to move, urging them to do something because he saw that there was a need for action and we ignored it. We ignored that pull on our hearts. We ignored a calling from a God who is always good. We were too afraid to move.

Here is what I want to put out there today. What if we quit pushing that feeling aside? What if, when we are called to action, we rise up, not with fear, but with intention and we move boldly? How could that shift our lives and the lives of those around us? How could that reshape society? By myself, I am just one person. But together, in community with others, we could make a difference. So if you have that feeling in your heart and you know you have been ignoring it because you’re afraid, I want you to know that there is something great on the other side of fear. Just take the first step and move. Move boldly! There is a reason why that feeling is there and wouldn’t it be a shame if you never got to find out why?

God has given me the desire in my heart to start this movement and I am crazy enough to think that if we live our lives with intention, and we answer the call of our hearts, we can make anything happen. We can move mountains. I am done ignoring that pull on my heart. I want to see what happens when we allow God to show up. Quiet your mind and listen, then take a step of faith.


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