The World needs your light

On a day filled with much sadness and heartbreak due to yet another senseless act of violence, I just want to shine a light and remind you all that even though there is so much evil in the World, there is still good. There are still people that will choose love over and over again in the face of hate. Do not let evil win. Do not let it harden your heart. Choose compassion over anger. Choose hope over fear. And above all else choose love over hate. Let’s stand together to light up the darkness.

I would urge anybody reading this to find a way to let your light shine. Lift someone up who is feeling down. Compliment a stranger and show them unprovoked kindness. Be the reason someone smiles today. I cannot tell you how much of a difference one small act can make. If you think that you are just one person and you cannot change the World, I’m here to tell you, you are wrong. One person can make a difference, and if we all strive every single day to choose light over darkness, imagine what that would look like. Imagine the ripple effect we could have.

Just take a moment to really think about the World we are shaping for future generations. How will you affect it? Will you be a catalyst for good and let your light shine or will you turn a blind eye and put your head in the sand?

As for me, I will always choose to stand and fight for good and it is my hope to rally as many people as I can to stand beside me and show the World that we will not let our lives be destroyed by the darkness.

For those that are hurting, I feel your pain. My heart breaks for each and every soul that is facing their new reality today. I am praying for you. May your hearts be healed and out of the ashes of this tragedy, may there come something beautiful. We have to believe that our hearts will be restored and we have to imagine that there is still hope for humanity.

Be the light that drives out the darkness. Much love to you all.


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