World Kindness Day

Hello World and Happy Kindness Day!

Today, I would just like to remind you that every living being in this World deserves to be treated with kindness. Even the things that are hard to love… like tarantulas.

Sometimes people allow their circumstances or experiences to harden their hearts and they become a version of themselves that makes it extremely hard to love or even show kindness to. Love them anyway.

We never know the burdens that another person has to carry and, trust me, we all carry our struggles with us. So just be kind.

Think of the difference one act of kindness could make. You could be a hero. A super hero! And the greatest thing of all…. each and every one of us already has this ability within ourselves.

So, today as you are going about your day, look for opportunities to show kindness to someone who probably doesn’t get it very often. I guarantee you, it will make a lasting impression.

Until next time,


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