Wake up and make today the best day yet!

Good Morning World! I hope you guys are having a fabulous Wednesday; it is absolutely gorgeous here in Southern California and I am loving every minute of it. Soaking it all up until the rain moves in!

This morning I was thinking of how many times I’ve had a nice thought to do something good for the community. I started thinking about every time I had the intention of serving food at a shelter, or making a shoe box full of toys for kids in third world countries, or sponsoring a family for Christmas, or just volunteering my time for the good of someone else. I’ve thought about it, I’ve even gone so far as to research how I can get involved with different organizations. I think I may have even put something on my calendar once. But I never follow through. 

I just don’t. 

I let my schedule get busy. I don’t manage my time well. I forget. It gets brushed to the side. I move on with my life. Until the next time I start in with, “I should really do that thing that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Does any of this sound familiar? 

If the answer is, “yes!”, Thank God I’m not alone! If the answer is “no” and I’m the only one who feels this way, well, I guess the post is just for me. But, if what I said happens to resonate with you, then read on.

You see, I want to challenge anyone who is reading this to step it up this holiday season. I want to encourage each and everyone of you to find the time to give back to your community. Love on the people who need to know that they matter. 

I know that this life gets busy and it can seem impossible to make time for strangers, but imagine what could happen if everyone who has ever had the thought, “I should really be doing more.”, actually takes action and they do the thing! Imagine the impact that could have on your community.

So, today, make the effort to be the best version of your self and take action to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be immense effort, a little change can go a long way. 

To find an organization you can volunteer with go to: http://volunteermatch.org 

Here, you will find hundreds of opportunities to make a difference. Find your match and encourage others to join you as we all strive to make today the best day yet!

Until next time!


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