Life is messy…

Good morning, friends! Or, maybe it’s just morning for some of us who are definitely having a Monday. Actually, it’s now the afternoon that I’m finally getting around to writing this, but hey, it’s a Monday over here and we are going with it!!!

I had planned to post a piece on Earth Day today since it is in fact Earth Day, however, life had a different plan. So instead of preaching about how we all need to do our part to be kind to the Earth because it’s the only planet we have, I thought I’d share a little bit about my morning and the perspective I’ve gained from it.

I hope we all had a wonderful Easter with our families and lots of love was shared and memories made.

Our Easter was very relaxed and low key and it was perfect. The Easter bunny came, the baskets were filled, the eggs were hidden and found and all was just as it should be. We even made our way down to the creek to explore and catch tadpoles. Unfortunately, while we were out, our Labrador ate ALL of the hard-boiled eggs from my daughters basket!!!! The devastation of this discovery paled in comparison to what was to come.

Naturally, I was worried about what eating 10 hard boiled eggs would do to our dog’s digestive system, so in an effort to avoid any catastrophic accidents, he was put outside. After spending several hours outside and going on a productive walk, I assumed that he was good.


I won’t go into detail about what I woke up to because no-one needs that much sadness in their life, but it was bad. Let me just say it took me hours to clean up and I can pretty much guarantee that we will never have hard boiled eggs on Easter again!!! It’s just not worth the risk! Plus, my kids don’t even like to eat them.

So here I am, Monday morning, three kids, a dog, and a house covered in poop. Doing my absolute best to clean it all up (on my hands and knees) and the doorbell rings. It’s the gardener… he’s early!!! Side note: on my Monday morning to-do list was: go to the bank to get cash for gardener.

So now, in the midst of all the poopy chaos, I had to leave to get cash; I should probably mention at this point that I am now running late for work as well. My stress level is at it’s peak. My shoulders are tense with knots and I am in actual pain from the morning’s events. Life is messy.

Luckily, I had all the tools I needed to clean up the mess (thank you, Bissell), and after hours of hard work, my house was poop free. My sanity, on the other hand, was still a little rattled. I mean, how do you bounce back from a morning like this?

The answer? You choose joy.

Here’s the reality: You can’t control these things. Life is messy. Clean it up and move on. I’m not going to let these things steal my joy. It’s mine and I work hard for it. Was it a horrible morning? Yes. Was it the morning that I had hoped for? Ummm, definitely not. But, if I let every unplanned event ruin my day, well, I’d end up with more bad days than good.

We are the authors of our own story, what will you write today? Will you let the unexpected derail your life and send you off course? Or will you take it all in stride and keep moving forward with your head held high and hope in your heart that things will be ok?

I choose joy. I choose to sing in the shower after hours of cleaning up poop. I choose to be happy when life would have me choose otherwise. That is the power of perspective.

Change your perspective and you can change your life!

Until next time,


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