Consistency for the Win

If there is one thing that chasing fitness goals has taught me, it’s that consistency is not about never failing; it is about never giving up. I consistently jump back on the wagon time and time again. It’s not about how perfect you can do something without ever tripping up, it’s about making more good choices more frequently than you make bad choices.

This week I have meal prepped every single day and abstained from the candy bowl at work like a boss. I have worked out 3 times and, I have to say, I’m feeling exceptionally accomplished. I have also indulged in taco night and had some brownie-in-a-mug concoction while spending quality time with my oldest.

Do I feel guilty about any of it? No. Do little indulgences here and there cancel out all of the hard work I’ve done this week? No, of course not. Because I make sure that at the end of the day, I have consistently stacked more chips in favor of the person that I want to be rather than the person that I could be if I wasn’t being intentional.

This concept can be applied to any area of your life. Who do you want to be? Are you stacking the chips in favor of that person? Something that I’ve been trying to do lately to help me be more intentional is thinking about the person that I want to be and asking myself, “What kind of things would that person do today? What would a writer do? How would a fit person live out today? What would a good mom do? How would a good wife make her husband happy today? What would a good friend do? What would a financially responsible person do? What would an organized person do?

I think about who I want to be and when I am faced with a choice, I have to look my goals in the face and I either tell them, “we’ve got this!” and I stack another chip moving me closer to who I want to be or I tell them, “maybe next time!”. It’s all about who you want to win. Where are you stacking your chips?

You can’t become who you want to be by doing the same things that have gotten you to the point you are at in your life right now. If you look around and you don’t like that your house is a mess and that you look like a bag of ass then, get up and do something about it. If you are out of shape and miserable, then find a way to make the necessary changes. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m being real. As a person who has been there, I’m telling you that it is so vitally important to invest in yourself. Whatever it is that you are not doing and you are unhappy about, trust me, you can do it. You just have to make yourself a priority.

Yes! You! You deserve to take care of you! Find little ways everyday to do something kind for yourself. Start with small wins consistently and be intentional about where you stack your chips.

I would love to hear about your goals and how you are working towards them or maybe how you wish you were working towards them. Please leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation about being better humans.

2 thoughts on “Consistency for the Win

  1. As usual your writing is so inspiring! I’m going to really think about all the ways I can use this in my life. Thank you and I love you!


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