Moving past fear

Hello World and happy 2019! I know I have been missing in action since.... I don't know, it's been a minute. I wish I had a good reason, but the truth is, I don't. I could tell you how busy my life is and how my days are packed full of activities that I just … Continue reading Moving past fear

What will you choose today?

I usually allow the girls an opportunity to play on the computer before school on the condition that they are ready before it’s time to leave and they have the extra time. This morning, while we were getting ready to leave the house for school, Emma decided she was going to throw a full blown … Continue reading What will you choose today?

4 things you should start thinking about today for a happier life

Good Morning, World! I hope everyone is having a glorious Wednesday where ever you may be. It is actually raining here in SoCal and I have to say, I just love it! Rainy days make my heart just as happy as any sunny day does.... probably because it only rains 3 days out of the … Continue reading 4 things you should start thinking about today for a happier life

World Kindness Day

Hello World and Happy Kindness Day! Today, I would just like to remind you that every living being in this World deserves to be treated with kindness. Even the things that are hard to love... like tarantulas. Sometimes people allow their circumstances or experiences to harden their hearts and they become a version of themselves … Continue reading World Kindness Day