Moving past fear

Hello World and happy 2019! I know I have been missing in action since.... I don't know, it's been a minute. I wish I had a good reason, but the truth is, I don't. I could tell you how busy my life is and how my days are packed full of activities that I just … Continue reading Moving past fear

What will you choose today?

I usually allow the girls an opportunity to play on the computer before school on the condition that they are ready before it’s time to leave and they have the extra time. This morning, while we were getting ready to leave the house for school, Emma decided she was going to throw a full blown … Continue reading What will you choose today?

You are exactly enough…

We are women and we are strong! We can do amazing things like push watermelons through holes the size of lemons! That is pretty incredible! We create life! Stop feeling guilty, because if you are a mom and you are showing your people that you love them, then that is enough. You are exactly enough right where you are!

“Where was God?”

I had my heart pulled in another direction. Have you ever felt that before? A physical ache in your chest that sends vibrations up to your brain and you're just like, I need to talk about this!!! Well, that's the feeling I had this morning. Actually, that is the whole driving force behind this blog. I don't pick the topics, the topics pick me.

How to set change into motion and bring peace back into your home

Today I want to talk about mornings. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, mornings can be extremely stressful and difficult and filled with a lot of emotion. Most of those emotions being negative! Lots of yelling. Lots of running around. Lots of rushing to get out of the door on time. So … Continue reading How to set change into motion and bring peace back into your home